In response to the continued lack of investment, economic marginalization and human rights violations, African descendant’s leaders from the Americas in Spanish speaking countries have developed AFROAMERICA XXI. This is a coalition/process with chapters in several countries in the Americas with partnership in the US.

AFROAMERICA XXI is the first Afro-Latino coalition in the Americas. We began in 1995 as a result of a study in nine countries (Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) conducted by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The study found that African Descendants from Latin America (Afro-Latinos) are faced with racism, tend to live in isolated, extremely poor communities, receive the least governmental services and are functionally ‘invisible’. This is because few of their countrymen – and even fewer people around the world – acknowledge their existence.

AFROAMERICA XXI is a coalition of African Descendant organizations designed to provide solutions for the various issues facing African Descendant populations in their respective localities and on the international level through which African descendants from the Americas.

  • Have defined their goals for this century.
  • Have an Action Plan to attain these results.
  • Collectively fight the problems of racial discrimination, marginalization and exclusion.
  • Advocate for their interests nationally and internationally.
  • Form links worldwide with the African Diaspora and support one another.

Our mission

Our vision consists of a set of aspirations and solutions to the problems that Afro-Latin Americans face due to racial discrimination and poverty, which have been proposed by many poor, rural and urban Afro-descendent communities in several countries in Latin America. Afroamerica XXI feels that it is vitally necessary to create societies where African descendents from Latin America can enjoy full rights and opportunities, equally benefit from resources, and contribute to the well being and development in their communities and societies.

Our Mission

AFROAMERICA XXI is a participatory, non-hierarchical coalition/process through which Afro-Latin American communities.